About Us

In over 80 countries of the world, more than 4 million Mothers’ Union members do all they can – through volunteering, giving and prayer – to support families, to promote marriage and family life, and to reach out within their communities to people who are isolated, in trouble or in need of help. We are a grassroots focused charity with a global impact, with a desire to eradicate the inequalities brought about by poverty, ignorance of rights and lack of opportunities.

We strongly believe that only when people are given the skills they need to become self-sufficient, can we have global prosperity, equality and dignity. Many of our programmes, therefore, are designed to train communities in skills such as basic literacy and numeracy, micro-credit and savings skills, business and income generation and energy and environmentally efficient farming methods. Giving a helping hand to communities living at the very lowest margins helps families on the first step of the road out of poverty. Often before they can be reach long-term goals of self-sufficiency, short-term solutions are needed to help break the cycle of destitution and dependency. Gifts of livestock such as goats, chickens, pigs or cows, give women and their children a helping hand.

Seeds help families restart after a famine. Solar-powered lanterns extend the working day, and latrines, hand-washing facilities and safe stoves help protect families from disease. Mothers’ Union help nearly 400,000 beneficiaries every year through financial and literacy education and the provision of poverty-busting solutions. We spend £800,000 a year on community development projects in some of the most under-privileged countries of the world. To do this we fundraise constantly, but calling on our supporters for constant donations will,continue the cycle of dependency and we have a long-term vision of creating a sustainable through favourable trading. Therefore MUe plays a vital role in the funding of our programmes.

Last year – thanks to MUe Reps and customers – we received over £320,000 in total – almost half our community development budget, from the profit on the income generated by MUe. That’s 12% of our total income – a fantastic total. But we look to a time when our trading arm (MUe) can sustain community development entirely.

When you shop using our online catalogue, or ordering by post, all the profit goes towards the vital work of the Mothers’ Union charity. Guaranteed. So the more you buy, the more people we can help, and the more equal and fair a society we can create.

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