Twilight Friendly Seeds

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 seeds produce pale, scented wildflowers which have evolved to attract our native moths. It is now been proven that moths play a large part in overall plant pollination. Light pollution and lack of suitable flower habitat has resulted in a dramatic drop in our moth population. This impacts also other wildlife such as bats who feed on moths. By planting these you will make a positive contribution to support our pollinating insects as well as enjoying a display of beautiful wildflowers. 

Sow seeds in Spring for best results. Each pack contains 2g of seed and will cover approximately 1m2.

Twilight seed mix contains these carefully selected flowers suited to our native moths and other night pollinators including Soapwort, Oxeye Daisy, Meadowsweet, Musk Mallow, Hedgebedstraw, White or Bladder Campion. All these wildflowers are British native species. In exceptional circumstances, seed types may vary slightly.  

Please note - the Twilight Friendly Seeds pack does not feature the Mothers' Union logo.

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