Indian Spice Tin (Sari Wrapped)

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The Indian Spice Tin (or Masala Dabba as it is traditionally known) is a staple in every Indian kitchen and for good reason. Each tin contains the core spices you will ever need to make virtually every Indian curry. Keep your tin stocked with spices and you will always have everything you need to create amazing, flavoursome recipes for your friends and family in no time at all.

This collection is a “must-have” for any foodie who is interested in creating authentic Indian dishes at home. Each spice has been carefully chosen and included to form the perfect spice base for Indian cooking. Each spice can be used singularly or blended together to create an endless array of different recipes - you'll never be stuck for spices again!

Contents: Cardamon(2g), Cloves(1g), Cassia(5g), Chilli Powder(20g), Cumin Seeds(20g), Ground Coriander(20g), Turmeric Powder(20g) and Mustard seeds(20g).

The outer storage tin is made from dishwasher-safe stainless steel, with a perspex lid to ensure freshness and includes a spoon for accurate measuring. 

The Indian Spice Tin comes wrapped in sari material, hand sewn and beautifully vibrant.

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