Mothers’ Union Retail Ethical Statement

MU Enterprises is committed to sourcing the highest quality products from a number of trusted suppliers who work with many countries with diverse cultures and economies.

We pride ourselves on long-standing relationships with suppliers and work in a transparent, open manner to ensure fair wages and good working conditions are upheld.

We understand the impact of our environmental footprint and work hard to ensure every aspect of what we do adheres to the following points;

  • Focus on minimising waste from sales to despatch.
  • Ensuring all paper produce is printed from sustainable sources.
  • Greeting cards are printed with vegetable based inks, and completely alcohol free with water based coatings.
  • Recycled materials are used in production where possible.
  • Recycled packaging is used in despatch.
  • The sale of plastic bags has been discontinued.

We are committed to reviewing and continuously improving our environmental performance across all areas of business.

We are in the process of updating a list of our suppliers detailing their ethical statements which will be available to the public on request shortly.