Circle Nesting Boxes CRA00031

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From presents to storage,what will you make from this set of three Circle Nesting Boxes! You can create so many different things!

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From presents to storage, we’re excited to see what you make from this set of three Circle Nesting Boxes!

You can paint them up or glue whatever you like onto them.  Transform them into jewellery boxes, craft storage solutions and household ornaments, there are so many things you can create.

These are a great way to turn old scraps into something new and beautiful. Layer up for a flamboyent creation or keep it simple.

The smooth surface is a porous texture that’s compatible with adhesives and paints.  Add fabrics or raffia inside to present if you use it as a your gift box.

Set of 3 Circle Nesting Boxes. S/M/, largest box 15cm in diameter

Our selection of craft supplies helps support the valuable work Mothers’ Union do so they can keep making a change. MU has a single shared vision uniting over 4 million members around the world who bring support and also care for family life to the heart of every community. Therefore every penny raised can help towards bringing lasting change.



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