Life Of Glass


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Amalric and Edwin Faceby were still young men, ambitious to make their marks on the world, when the Great Plague of 1349 receded. But when recurring outbreaks brought further loss and unleashed social unrest, the brothers were driven apart, and master glazier Amalric was compelled to find a new and revolutionary vision for his craft.

Now an old man, Amalric has a final journey to make. Surrounded by his family, he sets out for York Minster to discover if his life’s labour has been in vain, revisiting the tumultuous past and crossing paths with his brother once more with devastating effects.

Seated before the greatest glazed window in the world, will Amalric find his pioneering ideas shunned or embraced? Will anyone be found to carry them on? And can the brothers ever hope to be reconciled? 

Fiction/Paperback 320 pages.

About the author

Andrea Sarginson trained as a midwife and operating theatre nurse and teacher, and later as an art historian with interests in Christian art and stained glass. She lives in Greater Manchester.

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