Video Tutorials

We have created a range of  video tutorials to help guide you through using These tutorials cover various subjects. They have been broken down into 5 bite size chunks that are around or just over 3 minutes long.

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Video 1-

An Introduction to This video gives you a quick tour and brief descriptions of some of the main features on the website to get you familiar with the layout. You will see how to view product details and add items to your basket.

Video 2- 

My Account-This video will guide through how to register/log on, reset your password as well as view past orders and edit personal details.

Video 3: Using The Online Order From – A guide to using the order form tool. This allows you to enter SKU codes and add items to your basket. This is a faster, more efficient method when you have a list of items to order as you do not need to search for them.

Video 4: The Checking Out Process- This video will walk you through the stages of checking out from editing your basket to making payment.

Video 5: Searching For Products- This video will cover several ways you can search for products using the SKU code or keywords in the search bar.