52 Reasons To Be Grateful Jar

52 Reasons To Be Grateful Jar

Make a positive start to the year by creating a 52 reasons to be grateful jar. Open one note each week will remind you of the many reasons to be grateful. This is something fun that the whole family can enjoy making and opening throughout the year.

You will need: (Purple items are available to buy on our website)

  • Assorted Colored Paper
  • A storage Jar
  • A marker pen
  • Pom pom ribbon
  • Scissors

Step 1- Cut out 52 coloured paper squares.

Step 2- Write a reason to be grateful on each piece of paper.

Step 3- Fold each piece of paper and fill your jar.

Step 5- Add a ribbon and tag to decorate

Give the jar away as a gift or pop it somewhere you will see. You could even pin each reason to a notice board to keep your positive words on display.

Made by Kate Towers