Diocese Cashback

How does the Diocese Cashback scheme work?

When you make a purchase from the Mothers' Union shop, you can give your nominated diocese 10% 'cashback' based on the value of your order. This applies only to UK & Ireland (excludes international orders).

Will this cost me anything?

No, there are no additional costs to you.

How is the 10% Cashback calculated?

The 10% cashback is calculated based on the total value of the items you have purchased less the postage (Shipping) cost and vat (GB vat 20%) charge as shown on your receipt.

Are there any items excluded from the 10% Cashback?

Yes, you will not receive 10% cashback against donations or tips, Make A Mother's Day appeal gifts, Mothers' Union information leaflets, for example the 'Who We Are' leaflet, and sale items.

How do I nominate my diocese?

If your purchasing directly from our online store you can nominate your diocese from the Diocese selector dropdown box at the 'Shopping Bag Summary' page just before proceeding to the checkout.

If you don't want to take part in the Diocese Cashback scheme or don't know the name of your diocese, then press the checkout button to continue to the payment section.

If you are placing your order by phone or email, then let the sales office team know the name of your diocese and we will add the information to your order.

If your posting your order to us then write down the name of your diocese on the order form.

When will my diocese receive the money?

This will be paid directly to your diocese at the end of our financial year once all the appropriate calculations have been made and checked.

What does my diocese do with the money?

This will vary diocese to diocese, but the diocese of Durham  used their cashback to support their local schools with special needs’ children, and they provided support to women’s refuges.

If you require any further information about the Diocese Cashback scheme then please complete the contact form below, adding your question or feedback to the Message section.