DIY Button Bowl

DIY Button Bowl

If like me you have somehow ended up with a crazy amount of buttons in your collection, this DIY Button Bowl is a great project to put them to use. You can choose any colour theme you like or have a multi-coloured masterpiece. You can even mix up your button styles such as fabric, plastic and wood.

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I’ll admit it. This DIY was not as easy as I thought it would be and I definitely made a tactical error by using small buttons! Having said that, I still think the bowl looks pretty cute filled up with jewellery or whatever else you fancy popping in your bowl of buttons! Right, let’s get to it shall we?

DIY Button Bowl You Will Need

♥ A single balloon

♥ Glue

♥ Sellotape

♥ A mug (or something to be able to secure the balloon to)

♥ Lots and lots of beautiful buttons! (the bigger the better!)

Step 1: Blow up your balloon to a suitable size

Button Bowl2

Step 2: Tape your balloon securely to the mug

Button Bowl3

Step 3: Pour a large amount of glue on to your balloon

Button Bowl4

Step 4: Quickly smother the glue over about half of the balloon and leave to dry. The idea is that this forms a layer between the balloon and your buttons.

Button Bowl5

Step 5: Start to glue your buttons onto the balloon once the original layer of glue has dried. I used a large and heavy button in the center of the balloon to weigh the bowl down.

Button Bowl6

Step 6: Continue to place the buttons all over the balloon until you are happy with the shape and size of the soon to be bowl then leave to dry.

Button Bowl7

Step 7: Remove the tape from the cup and balloon and place upside down so the bowl looks ready.

Button Bowl8

Step 8: Take a pin and pop the balloon. This is where it went completely wrong for me! First of all, I hadn’t left the glue long enough to dry and secondly, I used buttons that were way too small to be able to support a shape of the bowl, so unfortunately the whole bowl kind of folded in on itself!

Button Bowl9

Step 9: SO, I quickly placed it over a large glass to stretch out the shape again and left it to dry for a further 2 hours.

and finally…..

Button Bowl10

Step 10: Remove from the glass and pop on display with whatever you want to fill it with!

I would really love to know if you created a button bowl and did it successfully? I’m gonna have to try this again with larger buttons to see if the bowl holds it shape better!

Much Bespoke Love

Jess ♥