DIY Fruit Stamped Lunch Bag

DIY Fruit Stamped Lunch Bag

This week with back to school on the agenda we wanted to share this fantastic lunch bag idea by Agnes Hsu from . It’s a really fun make for kids and the idea can be used on any kind of cotton bag for school!

DIY Fruit Stamped Lunch Bag

My kids and I had so much fun with this veggie stamped bag, perfect for back to school! See how to make your own lunch bag using fruit stamps!


  • Fabric lunch bag (we used these eco-friendly blank cotton bags which are affordable and great quality)
  •  Paint (we used fabric paint but you can use any type of paint you have on hand)
  •  Foam brushes
  • Fruit (or you can do a mix of fruit and veggies – we used oranges, apples and pears).


Step 1- Lay out your materials with paper underneath to contain the mess. Cut your fruit in half. It’s a good idea to first practice stamping which is what we did. This gave us a good feel for how much or little paint to dab on the fruit and how our stamps would turn out.

Step 2- Decide where you’ll place your fruit on the bag and start one by one. Using your foam brush, cover each half of the fruit entirely with paint.

Step 3- Press each fruit down firmly and slowly remove to see your print.

Step 4- Once you’ve added all your prints, it’s time to look and see if you need to cover any up with another stamp. We found out we had to for some of them.  For example, here is our bag below with just one stamp.

The bottom two fruits needed more paint so we just did another stamp over them. Once the paint dried, we also added details like white painted lines on the oranges and stems on the pears and apples with a thin brown marker. This gave the fruit a more finished look, and is totally optional.

The kids loved seeing the bright and colorful bag they made and we’ve been using it as a lunch bag this week, switching off from their typical bag. It’s also handy for packing snacks on the go, or makes a great handmade gift from kids.

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