Felt Cutlery Stockings

Felt Cutlery Stockings

These wonderful little felt cutlery stockings are the perfect addition to your Christmas table. I love the extravagance of a Christmas table layout and my mum does it so effortlessly each year. I’ll throw these into the mix this year as a quirky finishing touch.

What you will need:

  • Felt  (I used most of a 31cm x 20.5cm sheet of red and less than have of the white sheet)
  • Embroidery thread
  • Sewing or Embroidery Needles
  • Pins
  • Patterns (image below, larger image available at the bottom of the page for printing)
  • Scissors

Step 1– Cut out the patterns pieces.

Step 2- Draw around the patterns or pin them to your felt and cut out all the pieces you will need. For the Bauble stocking you will need to cut the following pieces: 2 stockings, 1 cuff. 1 toe, 1 heel, 1 bauble and 1 bauble top. For the snowflake stocking you will need to cut 2 stockings,  1 cuff, 1 toe, 1 heel and 1 snowflake.

Just a heads up that the snow flake is a bit fiddly, draw around it onto the felt as a guide then use the smallest scissors you have such as these snips in the picture. It is quite easy to cut away at bits if it starts a bit chunky.

Step 3- Pin the cuff, toe and heel in place and do a basic stitch on any ares that are not along the edge.

Step 4- (For the bauble stocking) Pin the bauble to the stocking and sew a basic stitch around it. I chose to do this in white to make the red stitches in the centre stand out. Sew 2 stitches into the bauble top to secure it and do one long stitch from the bauble top to the cuff for the bauble string. Next sew a simple snowflake using a basic stitch, or sew whatever you would like such as the initials of who it’s for.

Step 4- Pin the snowflake in place and sew a basic stitch down each branch.

Step 4– Now pin your 2 stocking pieces together and do a blanket stitch around the edges.

Here is a quick guide to blanket stitches that I found useful from Women’s Weekly

I used contrasting colours for each red or white section to make the stitch part of the design rather them have it blend in.

Now your stockings are ready for Christmas day!!

Felt Cutlery Stockings


For the stocking pattern, print out in A4 for the same size if the stockings I made.

Made by Angela Stead

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