Pretty Petal Card

Pretty Petal Card

Surprise family and friends and create this wonderful handmade card in 7 easy steps. You can change the design to suit your occasion.

You will need the following which can be found from craft retailers;

  • Blank greeting card and envelope
  • MOD Podge (waterbase sealer/glue/finish)
  • Selection of fresh flowers
  • Selection of hardback books
  • Piece of kitchen roll
  • Pencil
  • Paint brush

Step 1- Open your hardback book to the centre pages and lay the piece of kitchen roll down.

Step 2- Pick the petals from your fresh flowers and lay these onto the kitchen roll.

Step 3- Gently shut the book and store in a warm place for 3-5 days until the petals have dried out.

Step 4- Draw an ’80’ onto your blank greeting card in pencil.

Step 5- Add thin brush stokes of MOD Podge over the design and gently remove the petals and lay these onto the glue (you may wish to use tweezers).

Step 6- Once you have finished positioning your petals brush a thin layer of MOD Podge over the design. This will dry clear.

Step 7- Once your design has dried your beautiful handmade card is ready to send!


Made by Kate Towers