Bees are wonderful, hard working creatures that are responsible for pollinating 70% of our favourite fruit and vegetables. But in recent years there has been a worrying collapse in the bee population. 

By sowing our seeds you’ll be helping to reverse this by growing the valuable wild flowers that bees will love. Plus you’ll be making your surroundings more beautiful too!

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Bee Friendly Seeds
Butterfly Friendly Seeds
Coconut Suet Bird Feeder
Garden Trowel Rose
Garden Pruner Rose
Garden Gloves Rose
Garden Fork Rose
Garden Apron Rose
Flower Press
Flower Press
Acorn Suet Ball Bird Feeder
Acorn Silo Bird Feeder
All Seasons Bird Seed Mix 1kg
Butterfly Banana Feeder
Teal mug with a pale green lid. A drawing of a bird on a branch