Pin Wheel Decoration

Create a fun pin wheel decoration with four materials, great for events or parties.

You will need the following which can be found in all good craft retailers and hardware stores.

  • 2 pieces of patterned gift-wrap
  • Thin ribbon
  • Stapler

Step 1– Take each piece of paper and fold back and forth.

Step 2- Make a fan shape with each piece.

Step 3– Find the centre and fold, staple in place.

Step 4- Fold together each end and staple.

Step 6- Spread out the pinwheels to make a full circle

Step 7– Find the centre, tie your ribbon and staple in place.

Step 8- Now your pin wheel is ready to hang up.

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Made by Kate Towers


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1 thought on “Pin Wheel Decoration

  1. I’m thinking the Pin Wheel can also be done in plain paper and/or crayoned or painted. Watercolours look nice. I like the idea of the patterned paper though. The Feeling Dotty and Pretty Petal cards are great too especially for when the mind and body want to put in the effort and need to do so almost effortlessly. The simplicity of the activities make them so lovely. I love the Roar-tastic activity – lots of fun and a change from my usual card making activities.

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