Christmas Window Decorations

Christmas Window Decorations

Make something special for your Christmas window decorations by making it yourself. These window decorations are fairly simple but have a nice, professional finish. You can use the template or creaet your own personalized design.

What you need:

  • A plastic wallet
  • Window colour paint (I used black, yellow, red, blue, white and a peachy skin tone)
  • Stencils (2 printable stencils at the bottom of the page)
  • Toothpicks/Paint brush

Step 1-Trace over the outline of the stencil with the black window paint. For finer/smaller lines leave them for step 2.

Step 2- For the finer lines squeeze a small amount of the paint somewhere on the edge of your plastic wallet. Dip the toothpick into the paint and draw along these lines. Leave to dry for a while before you start to fill in the colours, it doesn’t have to be completely dry but starting to set.

Step 3- Squeeze a blob of the coloured paint in each area you would like to fill and spread it to the edges with a toothpick or the wooden end of a paintbrush. For the finer areas such as the halo, again put a small amount of the coloured paint near the edge of the wallet and dip the toothpick in and spread the paint onto the design.


Step 4-  To fill in the large areas, squeeze some paint across a small area at a time and spread with the nozzle. Use the toothpick again for the smaller, detailed areas. It is best to have a nice thick layer to avoid tearing when you remove the design from the wallet once it has dried.

Step 5- Once you have filled in your design, leave it on a smooth flat surface. It may take quite a while to dry and you may want to leave it over night.

Step 6- Once completly dry the design should easy peel off in one piece ready to stick on a window.

Here is the finished Angel design from the second stencil.

Once both a done, pop them on the window and enjoy your beautiful, handmade window decorations.

Made by Angela Stead

Large templates for printing below