Santa Treats Sign

Santa Treats Sign

Make sure Santa can clearly see his treats as he rushes from house to house with this eye catching Santa Treats Sign. He will need all the treats he can get to keep his energy up on Christmas eve as he travels the world. This is a great activity for children in the last days leading up to Christmas as the excitement builds.

What you will need: (Items in purple available to by here at

  • Hanging Wooden Sign
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Red and Gold Glitter
  • Glue (any kind of glue works, i used PVA but we sell a Clear Tacky Glue and Modge Podge that would work the same.)
  • Gold Paint or any colour you prefer for the writng
  • A black biro or fine line pen

Step 1- Paint the sign white, I did two coats.

Step 2- Write your message lightly in pencil as a guide for when you paint and add glue.

Step 3- Paint the words ‘TREATS FOR’ in your chosen colour. Once it has dries if it looks a bit light draw and outline with a Biro or fine liner pen to make it stand out.

Step 4- Trace over the letter with the glue. It really does not have to be this thick, i went a bit overboard and it took ages to dry! A even, thin layer will do.

Step 5- Sprinkle the red glitter over the glue, leave it to dry for a while and then shake the glitter off. Use a clean paint brush to sweep off any excess glitter around the edges. You will get a neater finish with finer glitter.

Step 6-  Use the end of a paint brush or pencil to dip into glue and add dots of glue to the sign in various places. Sprinkle the gold glue on here and after letting it dry for a bit shake it off. Again used a brush or pencil to brush off excess glitter.

Step 7- Now add glue around all four edges of the sign and sprinkle glitter onto a piece of paper. Dip each edge onto the pile of glitter until covered.

And there you have a fab as well as eye-catching sign to help Santa find his treats!

Made By Angela Stead