Fabric Scraps Flower

Fabric Scraps Flower

Fabric Scraps Flower

Create this charming fabric scraps flower that you can use for a variety of accessories from scraps of fabric.

What you will need:

  • Fabric, mix and match your fabrics however you like. I have uses 5 different patterns.
  • Scissors
  • A round object to draw around
  • Needle and thread
  • A button
  • Optional for making accessories: A brooch back & plain headband

Step 1- Draw and cut 5 circles out of the fabric, my circles are 9.5cm in diameter which makes the final flower about 8.5-9cm in diameter.

Step 2- Fold the fabric circles in half, then in half again.

Step 3- Tie a knot to hold to fix the thread to the first corner.  Stitch a basic stitch back and forth around the cut edge, this does not have to be neat and you need to be able to pull and gather the fabric. Carry on stitching into the next folded circle. Do this for all the circle, you want all of the on one thread that you can pull and gather them on.

Step 4- When you have reached the end of your last folded circle, pull the thread and  gather all circles as tight as possible to form a flower. Connect the to outer petals and secure by tying a knot to hold the shape.

Step 5- Now sew your button into the centre, catching the edges of the centre of the flower to neatly hold everything on place. And then sew on the brooch back if making a brooch.

Step 6 – Now your flower is ready to wear! 

Another idea…

Why not create a few different sizes and experiment with putting them in different accessories.

You could sew or glue them onto a headband.


Made by Angela Stead

Have fun and get creative with your fabric scraps flower! We would love you to share your makes by adding pictures in the comments section or emailing them to enterprises@mothersunion.org.